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When a customer is anywhere from approximately 30-100 feet away from your location, a beacon will deliver content that entices customers to your business. For example, deliver a lock-screen message to customers.



When a customer is less than about 7 feet away from the beacon, you can use this range for specific events or actions, such as confirming their purchase or a friendly last-minute reminder of something perhaps they’ve forgotten that wasn’t on their list, or a limited-time discount that’s too good to be ignored before they leave the store.

As they are leaving, you can retarget users with content designed to increase repeat business and to maintain customer loyalty. You can determine what content to deliver and when, such as coupon good for their next visit, or an upcoming sale they won’t want to miss, or perhaps even a special online only offer that will encourage them to continue shopping on their mobile device or even after they get home.

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Since its creation, the Bluetooth® standard has gone through many generations each adding different features. In 2010 Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy) was released, with its main objective being reduced power consumption. Before Bluetooth 4.0, the vast majority of connections using Bluetooth were two-way, wherein both devices listened and talked to each other. Although this two-way communication is still possible with Bluetooth 4.0, one-way communication is also possible. This one-way communication allows a Bluetooth device to transmit information but not listen for it. These one-way “beacons” do not require a paired connection like previous Bluetooth devices, so they have new, highly useful applications.

NFC (Near Field Communications) Marketing Campaigns

Near Field Communication (NFC) is an exciting technology breathing life into marketing campaigns around the world. By linking the digital and physical worlds, NFC allows you to provide information about your products in real time to potential customers.

Below are a few examples of creative ways to use NFC Card:

  • Retail Shops
  • Mom and Pop Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Auto Mobile Dealers
  • Buy and Sell Off-Line – Coupons
  • Sports and Fitness, Health Products, and Stores

And More …


Near Field Communications

These are high quality printed business cards that come integrated with digital technology. With an embedded NFC chip, your business card will trigger a digital action (like opening your website) when tapped against any NFC enabled device (these days, that’s almost all Smart-phones and tablets).

Beacon Pro 360:

Virtual Business App

Our virtual business app features to assist your customers in understanding your business, products, and services. When a person visits your website from their mobile phone, they will be redirected to a beautiful, easy-to-use, and mobile-friendly web app. This allows your customers to easily call, email, text or message you, see your locations, get directions, view maps and photos, purchase your products, access your Facebook page and Twitter feed, rate your business, and much more.


  • CLICK-TO-CALL: With the tap of a button on a Smartphone, a person can make an immediate connection with another person in real-time by phone.
  • CLICK-TO-TEXT: With just one click, a person doesn’t have to search for your number to send you a text message. Just Tap, Type and Send.
  • CLICK-TO-EMAIL: With a click of a button, a person can open a form and type an email that is disseminated, sent and received immediately.
  • FACEBOOK SHARE: Allows you to share your virtual Business App on your Facebook Profile for all your Facebook connections to see.
  • SHARE VIRTUAL BUSINESS APP: Sharing the app is just a click away. Clicking on Share Virtual Business App allows you to use your phone’s messaging system to share your information with one person or your entire phone book.